Vítor de Almeida

Mobile Solutions Craftsmen

Solutions engineer on SIDI, Samsung's R&D institute located in Brazil. Have worked on SIDI since 2010, current occupation is leading family friendly games development for Android and iOS, working alongside a team with 3 developers, 2 artists/designers and a QA analyst. Awarded on the last 3 years in internal innovation and development initiatives. First employee on the institute to be certified by Samsung in their highest level software development proficiency exam. Made business with clients and partners in South Korea, Poland, Ukraine and in the US, working remotely and on premises.

Founder of Serissa Apps, company focused on consulting and developing technological solutions for web and mobile environments. Active since 2013, Serissa has develop B2C and B2B products for other companies in Bragança Paulista, Valinhos and Campinas.

Founder of Berimbau Games, a digital games studio founded in Campinas, SP, Brazil. Working with partners, the company is working towards the viabilization of its debut title in addition to maintaining other titles transferred from Serissa Apps.

Co-founder of GDE, the academic life management system of Unicamp. Founded by 2010, it is still used by over 90% of its undergrad students.